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implant direct uk | Osstem Implant is a leading global brand, manufacturing the third most placed dental implant in the world. Regardless of specialization the i500 ensures that The use of implant-based reconstruction is increasing in the UK, Europe and the USA [ 1, 2 ]. | Osstem Implant is a leading global brand, manufacturing the third most placed dental Implant Solutions Direct. 5 mm24922 Ø 5 4 mm Long 2494824923 Implant Pick-up 3. 00. The majority of these patients have well-functioning hips and a low risk of complications. Led by a team with experience in implant dentistry as dentists, technicians and nurses we can provide advice on digital dentistry from both the lab and chairside aspects. Southern Implants has been a pioneer in the top-end specialist sector of the dental implant market since 1987, servicing maxillofacial and craniofacial surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists and general dental practitioners alike. 20mm x 11. 5mm Standard Platform Conical Connection High precision extra / intra-oral scanning abutment to work with CAD CAM systems direct and indirect to implant. 8338 fax: 905. On-Demand Education. 4K likes. Approximately 71,000 UK patients have had a metal-on-metal hip device implanted or had metal-on-metal resurfacing. Ran full P&L for a $120M global OpCo within the Danaher Dental Group that finished #1 three out of the five years of leadership (including The University of Sheffield has been at the forefront of dental implantology and implant-based research for over 30 years. Bulk EZ Refill 12 gm 17 & 19 Gauge. Add to Wish Welcome to Osstem Implant UK The World’s Most Placed Dental Implant Unparalleled Products and Support with you Every Step of the Way. In my free time, I love to shop and spend time with my family. 99. Learn about the copper IUD here. However Innovative Treatment Solutions. 8,652 likes · 1,789 talking about this · 1 was here. Affordable solutions for dentistry. 5/4. We sell analogue and digital restorative implant components to dentists & dental Nowadays, implants are rough or medium-rough surface; in order for the implant to be able to lock in the bone it needs to have a certain texture. Call 00800 4030 4030. We care a wide range of farm machinery and implements as well as construction equipment. It can only be used by approved Centres. CO-CR digital A penile implant allows direct control of both the timing and duration of an erection. Smile Direct Club UK reviews Now let's look at some Smile Direct Club reviews from the UK . Implant Direct's large catalog of implants has the diversity you need when placing implants. Qty. 0mm x 11. Our strong legacy in implantology is founded on the work of Emeritus Professor Ian Brook, who pioneered our UK-renowned 'one-to-one' course in partnership with Nobel Biocare. The company used to be located at 12 CHURCH ROAD, HOVE, EAST SUSSEX, BN3 2FL. 99. Digital analog. Affordable solutions for dentistry. New interface line IPD. 5/4. 5/4. TePe Implant Orthodontic Brush™ has soft filaments in two rows, an extra narrow brush head and a long, thin neck, which facilitate access and cleaning closely around implants and orthodontic wires. Victoria Ryan Implant Direct Territory Manager North UK Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom 242 connections Implanon® is a long-acting reversible contraceptive that lasts for 3 years and is independent of compliance for its effectiveness. Implant stability is an important factor in its successful osseointegration (fusion with the surrounding bone). 502 likes · 6 talking about this · 346 were here. ORING-60. UK Suppliers of top quality, low cost compatible dental implant prosthetic components, biomaterials, surgical instruments and devices to support the surgical and restorative phases of your implant treatments Company IMPLANT DIRECT (UK) LTD was a Private Limited Company, registration number 06733922, established in United Kingdom on the 27. Gerald Niznick and a member of the KaVo Kerr Group, Implant Direct continues a rich tradition of innovation. 00 – 17. Qty. Country manager UK: Claudio Massoli. Squeezing the pump in the scrotum can achieve an erection. 25), 1. 5mm Standard Platform Conical Connection C1 Implant 5. Implant Direct is the leading online source for high-quality dental implants. 20801 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 403 Aventura, FL 33180. It has been revealed this week that Aer Lingus, the flag carrier of Ireland, has entered high-level discussions with senior British government officials regarding opening direct services from the UK to the US. 15,153 likes · 1 talking about this. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. With the use of the Choi Implanter Pen, a dedicated surgeon can provide accurate, precise and effective transplants with the added benefit of each follicle only being outside of the scalp for a short A dental implant (also known as an endosseous implant or fixture) is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor. 5mm Collar Height SBM 4. By Live streaming surgery, lectures, and courses we are able to deliver the exact same experience (or better) as attending in person. nhs. 5 mm24919 Ø 4 4 mm 24920 Ø 5 1 mm 24921 Ø 5 2. 5/4. Passionate about Finance and Dentistry, the move to Dental Direct UK Ltd was a natural fit. Add to Cart. Bicon Europe UK; BioHorizons UK; Biomet 3i UK Ltd; Bredent UK Ltd; BTI; Dentala (DIO Implants) DENTSPLY Implants UK; Euroteknika UK; Implant Direct; Implantium UK Ltd; Intoss Limited; Megagen Implants (UK) Ltd; MIS Implants; Neoss; Nobel Biocare UK Ltd; Osstem UK; Osteocare Implant System Ltd; Pro-Cam Implants Ltd (CAMLOG) Saxon Implantology With anywhere from 30-50% or more of UK dogs not being neutered, and probably even more cats, there are clearly a lot of you out there who might consider other options, such as a neutering implant, which is our topic for today. Designed with quality in mind, Medit created the i500 to add value to your practice. Viewed in 120 Countries by over 10,000 people, Implant Compare is the future of Dental Education. Over the years, the growing trend towards more value and discounted implants has positively affected company sales. 25mmD Hex Tool Short with 4x4mm square connection for wrench (HT1. Our broad range of trusted products are meeting the needs of our customers across the world under the Osstem and Hiossen brands. Tooth #6 became symptomatic and was determined to have a poor long term restorative prognosis. 4 1 mm 25018 5 Even if you plan to have direct-to-implant reconstruction, your surgeon may find out during the surgery that a tissue expander is needed instead. It has been suggested that the high up-front cost of the implant (UK ₤90 in 2005) limits its availability in parts of the UK and perhaps in other countries. 0 Implant Replica 3. Foreign direct investment (FDI) refers to cross-border investment made by residents and businesses from one country into another, with the aim of establishing a lasting interest in the country receiving investment. We sell analogue and digital restorative implant components to dentists & dental Single Tooth Implant from £1,379 Including: implant £700 abutment from £249 porcelain fused to metal crown £430 Zirconia crowns also available. If you have suffered complications after a TVT Surgery, you may be entitled to a medical negligence claim. Implants inserted before October 2010 were called Implanon. and ranked #4 in the world in the dental implant industry. As low as $125. 99 Osstem & Hiossen Implant UK | 487 followers on LinkedIn. MRI screenings are recommended three years after initial implant surgery and then every two years after to detect silent rupture. 368 likes · 2 talking about this · 277 were here. Implant/Lab analog libraries with prosthetic components for usage with rotating titanium bases with angulated screw channels. TePe Direct is a trading name of TePe Oral Hygiene Products Ltd registered in England with company number 07697378 whose registered office is at Eklund House, 6 Cathedral Avenue, Wells, Somerset, BA5 1FD. ² Osstem & Hiossen Implant UK | 480 followers on LinkedIn. Each radiopaque implant contains 68 mg of etonogestrel; the release rate is approximately 60-70 µg/day in week 5-6 and has decreased to approximately 35-45 µg/day at the end of the first year, to approximately 30-40 µg/day at the end of the second year and to The implant can be put in at any time during your menstrual cycle, as long as you and your doctor are reasonably sure you are not pregnant. 0 Implant Pick-up 3. Shop Dance Direct UK's wide collection of stylish and quality dancewear, dance shoes, costumes, accessories and products for all different styles of dance. Dental Direct | Oral Care Products Online UK. First a dental surgeon (usually an oral surgeon or periodontist) places the dental implant post into your jawbone. Affordable solutions for dentistry. Human micro-transponder or "microchip" implants can provide a range of benefits and uses, from opening doors, starting cars and storing medical data. Implements Direct is a locally owned agricultural implement distributor. Once fused, the implant can support an artificial Implant Direct. Implant Solutions Direct. . Implant-based breast reconstruction remains the preferred restorative technique by patients in the UK, with data from 2017 indicating that implant-based reconstruction makes up 70% of the reconstructive caseload (Mylvaganam et al, 2017). t: 020 7188 8815 e: languagesupport@gstt. 5mmD Platform Dental Implant System - 1 / Pack SKU:855211 US$210. 1888implant. Add to Cart. Add to Wish Implant Solutions Direct was formed on decades of expertise and insight in the dental industry. We sell all our products Nexplanon is a radiopaque, non-biodegradable, progestagen-only, flexible implant preloaded in a sterile, disposable applicator. 0mmD Platform Dental Implant System - 1 / Pack SKU:424710L US$175. Implant care products for easy cleaning routine of implant and bridges. 5mm Standard Platform Conical Connection C1 Implant 4. A bone-anchored hearing solution delivers sound vibrations directly to the inner ear in direct contact with the skull bones, while a cochlear implant (always surgical) completely by-passes the no more working hearing mechanism and stimulates the auditory nerve by internally implanted electrodes. Telephone Hoddesdon +44 (0)1992 467272 . 75mm x 11. Live Course List. Qty. 0 Short 24959 Long 24960 Implant Replica 3. 5mmL SBM: 4. 505 likes · 4 talking about this · 348 were here. 2mmD X 11. Fast delivery - Dental Direct The tracking of breast implants in the UK has historically been very difficult given that there was no formal Breast and Cosmetic Implant Registry (BCIR) until 10 October 2016. this video describes in animation format how a dental implant is placed to replace missing tooth. 25S) Implant Direct Dentistry Legacy3™ 5. The ITI is now a unique, dynamic network of academic and dedicated professionals in implant dentistry worldwide. UK, Ireland (EN) Search Call 00800 4030 4030. 25), 1. Customer Service, Sales, and Technical Support: 1-888-649-6425 - Monday-Friday 5:00AM-5:00PM PST; To Fax a Purchase Order: 661-705-4920. All on Four Removable Denture: acrylic from £4,950 porcelain & acrylic from Implant Direct™ Dentistry SwishActive 4. 1mmD Width x 3. 7mmD X 10mmL, 1. The Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique in Turkey is a new and innovative way for those suffering from hair loss to undergo a transplant. Founder of Dental Direct UK (2009) and exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of Osstem and Hiossen Implants since 2010. This can happen if the skin needs more time to heal before the implant is placed. DHPC 2019 Nexplanon II-050 . uk Contact us If you have any problems please contact the dental implant department, t: 020 7188 1816, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, or e: dentalimplants@gstt. On-Demand Education. C1 Implant 3. The UK's largest directory of clinics providing tooth implants to replace missing teeth. Is the Co-founder of Dental Direct Uk Osstem & Hiossen UK Ltd. Nexplanon 68 mg Implant UK DHPC 15-Jan-2020. As low as $149. Implant Direct™ Dentistry GoDirect 4. 10. comIn a 2 stage dental implant placement situation the dental implant is placed and a cover screw The Straumann® Dental Implant System was designed on the basis of simplicity and freedom of choice. Ben’s aim is to grow the UK implant market by providing elite products, training and education and excellent customer service together with his brilliant team at Osstem UK. Model Creator lab analog libraries are available. Virtual Passport. This texture is figuratively each implant’s individual fingerprint. With significant R&D investment and BioHorizons Canada 21 Amber Street, Unit #6 Markham, Ontario L3R 4Z3 Canada tel: 866. Implant Direct is one of the fastest growing major dental implant companies which offers a broad range of surgical, prosthetic and regenerative solutions. Over several weeks, the implant and jawbone fuse together. Add to UK treasury direct acc has 617 members. All use is subject to the Terms and Conditions . Learn more about Implant Direct. We operate a 24h shopping channel broadcasting on the Sky satellite platform (ch 669). 5mmD Platform x 0. How are medical devices regulated? Dental Implant Procedure - Two Stagehttp://www. 00 – 17. The LCOI college provides a uniquely structured training course, run over 12 months and provides 70 hours of enhanced verifiable CPD hours. Implant Direct. SKU. 8mmD x 14mmL SBM: 3. The most common complications with MENTOR ® Saline-filled Implants include reoperation, implant removal, capsular contracture, breast pain, and implant deflation. Up to 30% OFF Online. The NHS will only pay for treatment if there is a direct clinical need for the procedure and because implants enhance a patient’s aesthetics, they do not easily fall under this category. As a valuable member of a collaborative and engaged regional sales team, the Implant Direct Regional Sales Rep will perform all field sales functions in their designated territory, including the development and maintenance of long-term professional relationships with potential and current clients, soliciting and securing orders for their business use. The technique of implant-based reconstruction has been the subject of much debate in the last half century Includes LAPTOP, DELIVERY (Mainland UK), INSTALLATION, TRAINING & SUPPORT Medit i500 Intraoral Scanner Delivers Value, Efficiency, and Productivity Together, these three qualities make it easy to incorporate the i500 intraoral scanner into your workflow. ¹ Outward FDI captures the net investments made by UK companies abroad, whereas inward FDI covers net investments in the UK made by foreign companies. Add to Cart. 0 Short 24947 NI Short 24936 NI Long Implantswiss | 92 followers on LinkedIn. Tooth was extracted on May 1, 2014. Add to Cart. At the Marylebone Implant Centre in the Harley Street medical district we are considered to be a centre of excellence for dental implants in London, thanks to a combination of our fully trained and certified implantologists as well as the quality of the implant components we use. 2,500 likes · 2 talking about this. I also participate in a lot of physical activities, such as running, squash, tennis and swimming. EBC Brakes Direct is an independent company recommended and endorsed by EBC Brakes that was founded in 2003. 944. Virtual Passport. Excellent condition. 00 Implant Direct Content Licensing Agreement. Successful participants can IMPLANT DIRECT (UK) LTD - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers, charges, business activity 55 Implant Direct reviews. Info here can only help a little bit with figuring out your account number IN THE UK, no other countries. August 19, 2020 BRIEF PROFILEreg. Add to Compare. 888-330-3964 Implant Direct Europe, Kloten, Switzerland. 0 Long 24958 Guide pins Replicas Implant Guide Pin 3. 0 24978 Attachment components 45° UniAbutment Replica 22070 Direct Abutment API™ 3. It is a US-based company that was founded in 2006, and it was among a group of pioneers in the industry’s value segment. Best Direct UK, Wickford, Essex. The company was dissolved. It's often the case that front teeth implants cost slightly more than those at the rear of the mouth. We Just Love to Help you Grow. This is due to the emergence of new implantable biologic and synthetic materials, as well as advancements in mastectomy and reconstruction techniques. As one of the fastest growing implant manufacturers in the world, our implants are currently used in over 70 countries, including, United States, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, India, Chile, and many others. Education Business Partners. ©2021 TePe Direct. Digital analogs allow laboratories to work with 3D models by means of an intra-oral scanner. 2. 3 Unit Bridge from £3,188 Including: 2 implants £1400 2 Abutments from £498 3 porcelain fused to metal crowns £1,290. Corsodyl, iDontix, VITIS, TePe. Implant Direct™ Sybron International, LLC. We feature several different series' of implants in various sizes and compatibility. Direct Healthcare Professional Communication on the association of Nexplanon – etonogestrel 68 mg, implant for subdermal use - Update to the insertion and removal instructions to minimise the risks of neurovascular injury and implant migration Design Direct UK, Bush Hill Park, London. Kevin Henry, group editorial director for UBM Advanstar's dental division, sits down with Tom Stratton, the president of Implant Direct, to talk about the company, its focus, its future, and As a general guide, the cost of full mouth dental implants in the UK will be along the following lines: Initial dental implant consultation £100; initial diagnostic stages for study models and x-rays £100; bone grafting from £500; Full denture retained by two implants from £3500; Fixed full arch bridge from £9000 Implant Direct, one of the fastest growing major dental implant companies, offers a broad range of surgical, prosthetic and regenerative solutions. Although these implants have been used by medical professionals in the UK for years, there have been a number of complaints as a result of complications within the body after a vaginal mesh implant. His current position is doing what he loves most which is meeting and looking after people. Dental Direct is a UK company and was established in 2012 by a team of experienced dental professionals with the aim of providing consumers with access to the most comprehensive range of superior quality, clinically proven, oral health products available in the UK. ITI Section UK & Ireland. The only UK Manufactured and designed Dental Implant System. MRI screenings are recommended three years after initial implant surgery and then every two years after to detect silent rupture. The International Team for Implantology. 1,519 likes · 7 talking about this · 1 was here. Breast Implant Illness (BII) is a term sometimes used by people to describe a variety of health problems they associate with their breast To enquire about low cost implants with the UK’s leader in the field, get in touch with the experts at Perfect Profiles Dental Implant Centres now on Luton 01582 518100, Wolverhampton 01902 500823 or alternatively click here and use our simple online form to request a dental implant brochure, book a consultation online or request a call back. We sell analogue and digital restorative implant components to dentists & dental Implant Solutions Direct has partnered with the providers of 3D printers to make this possible whether you want to print a few surgical guides in-house as a dental practice or manufacture as a full production laboratory. Each pack contains: Abutment with placement handle Red Male Cap (Insert) We provide direct sales of our implant microchips and also provide a UK wide implant service. 15 January 2020 . Dental Implant Dentists. 0 Ø 4 0. Implant Direct is the sixth leading competitor in the US dental implant market. The most common complications with MENTOR ® Saline-filled Implants include reoperation, implant removal, capsular contracture, breast pain, and implant deflation. Getting a dental implant generally begins with an evaluation by your general dentist. TePe Implant Orthodontic Brush™ is a special toothbrush designed to clean around implants and fixed braces. 4mmD Platform Dental Implant System - 1 / Pack SKU:944814 US$175. Implant Design; The thread design of the implant is a standard “V” thread pattern. 25mmD Hex Tool Long with 4x4mm square connection for wrench (HT1. Implant Direct Customer Service: 00800 4030 4030 | Monday – Thursday 08. Implant Direct™ Dentistry RePlant Zirconia Base (4. Implant Direct. 0 Short 24950 Long 24949 Temporary abutments Temporary Abutment 3. Add to Cart. In many cases, the actual placement of the implant involves a team approach. LOCATOR Implant Direct Legacy Abutment. We are a leading UK . On May 21, 2014 - The site Implant Concierge is your Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™. Implant Direct’s new surgical kits have an intuitive design that prioritizes efficiency and ease of use. OsteoCare Implant System LTD, Colnbrook, United Kingdom. CIE Direct is a website for Cambridge exams officers to submit entries, view results and exchange information with Cambridge securely. The new Custom Interface can be adjusted in height according to the technicians needs. Need Help? Choose your country or region. Because implants are considered cosmetic, they are very rarely redeemable via the NHS. One system with one kit can be used for all indications and a unique portfolio of different materials and surfaces, including groundbreaking technologies such as Roxolid® and SLActive®. Tel: 07854 375 130. Implant impressions Implant Transfer 3. Because of the problems with this type of implant, they are rarely used now. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. October 2008. Osstem - The World's Most Placed Dental Implant. President of Implant Direct starting in December of 2013. Design Direct, a UK based digital agency developing bespoke website & web applications, custom software and Hiossen Implant is the Canadian Division of Osstem Implant Company Ltd. SPECIAL OFFERS; Account. It's easy to find reviews from American users because the brand has been operating there for so much longer, although there have been reports of SDC in the US getting dissatisfied customers to sign a non-disclosure agreement, preventing them from EBC Brakes Direct UK, Northampton, Northamptonshire. Viewing Orders Implant Solutions Direct. Osstem - The World's Most Placed Dental Implant. Implant Direct offers the most intuitive online support and shopping cart to place orders at your convenience, 24 hours a day. The ITI has, over the past 30 years, developed a reputation for scientific research combined with a concern for clinical outcomes and patient wellbeing. Free Shipping within the United States only. If an implant is too rough it may leave gums prone to infection considering the increased risk of plaque build-up. More Information; Product Use: Tool Organizer (not intended for use in sterilization of tools) Included Items: Prosthetic Kit Tray - empty (PK-E),Torque Wrench (TW), Tapered Hex tool long (THT1. 6. The BCIR captures the details of all breast implant procedures completed in England and Scotland by both the NHS and private providers. : n/aregister now⇒ profile ⇒ full 01 application implant, compensation of dental root 02 specific simple system: direct – shape – place 03 company Nobel Biocare™ 04 illustrationn/a n/a n/athe implant topview surface X-ray 05 material titanium 06 approvals X CE Marking n/a FDA Approvaln/a ISO n/a DIN 07 Paragard IUD is the only birth control that’s 100% hormone free, over 99% effective, & works with 1 simple active ingredient. procedure is a a 3 step process where first step is implant Live Streaming Dental Education. 5 mm24917 Ø 4 1 mm 24918 Ø 4 2. Quadruple-lead mini-threads 1mm below the collar and extend approximately 2mm before transitioning into double-lead threads to the apex of the implant Aer Lingus in advanced talks about UK to US direct flights. We are Nz's one-stop shop for farm equipment online! We work with world-class manufacturers, distributors and customers. The company was in business for 7 years and 8 months. Founded by implantology pioneer Dr. US$5. 1894 send an email Hosted at the London College of Oral Implantology (LCOI) If you are looking for one of the best and most comprehensive dental implant courses in the UK in 2021, then LCOI can help. uk For emergencies outside these hours go to your nearest Emergency Department (A&E). Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Each has been designed and built to increase productivity through: Simplified Surgical Workflow Seamlessly Integrated Surgical System Efficient Design Customer Service: Tel: 1-888-649-6425 Manufacturing & Administration 3050 East Hillcrest Drive Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 USA Implant Direct Education. 00. In the UK, Nexplanon is the main contraceptive implant currently in use. Used Implant Direct Dental Implant Surgical Guide Keys Set. The implant itself is a titanium screw that a dental surgeon screws into the jawbone. 0 Short 24970 Long 24976 Lab abutment screws 24802 Lab Abutment Screw Design 3. The 3-piece system includes a reservoir placed in the abdomen and two fluid filled cylinders completely concealed within the penis. nhs. Almost 12 years ago we established Dentale, a training facility to provide cost effective treatment and excellent patient based implant training. Overview. So in cases where the amount of original bone is less than this amount, the treating dentist will most likely utilize a two-step process (sinus grafting first, then after healing, the implant is placed). Symptoms sometimes referred to as Breast Implant Illness. Select your implant type below to find the corresponding Kerator abutment. 468. Implantswiss offers superb quality dental implants, innovative and personally tailored solutions with Swiss precision and extensive R&D without ever In March 2019 I joined Dental Direct UK Ltd as Finance Manager. 00 (CET) What does a single tooth implant cost in the UK? As a guideline, the total dental implant cost per tooth can be anything from £1,200 to £3,000+ in the UK. Pioneering Simplicity since 1999 7- Direct Restorations and Adhesive Dentistry 8- Cosmetic Orthodontics and clear aligners 9- Endodontics 10- Facial Aesthetics 11- Laser Dentistry and Pink Aesthetics 12- Restoring Dental Implants. 0 Ø 3. Live Course List. 3mmL Collar Height) - 1 / Per Box SKU:6035-30CB US$61. Leading the field of dental implants worldwide, Osstem Implant’s R&D Centre developed various new products including TSII, TSIV, CAS & LAS Kits and Ultra Wide System. 30 & Friday 08. Please read the Implant Transfer 3. Direct Healthcare Professional Communication on the association of Nexplanon – etonogestrel 68 mg, implant for subdermal use - Update to the insertion and removal instructions to minimise the risks of neurovascular injury and implant migration. We offer smart implant solutions UK dentists need additional training before they can start placing implants in their own practices. Hex Tool Black O-Rings. Mark is a vital team player that have been successful with meeting targets, supporting the team to establishing new accounts that have driven Osstem & Hiossen Implants to be one of the top 10 5- What implant system we will be using during the course? While this is an evidence based course aimed to teaching basic and advanced princes in implant dentistry during the theory seminars and hands on workshops, the clinical training on patients in The UK will be carried out using the world-renowned implant system; Straumann Dental Implants and Botiss Bine Regeneration material. Implant Direct RePlant™ Implant System. 1. We continue to push the boundaries of the dental industry by providing high quality treatment planning services and guided surgery solutions to implantologists worldwide. implant direct uk